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Time Tracking


Great news! A few days a go we quietly launched a new time tracking feature. This has been one of the most request features ever and we are super happy to finally deliver.

Our approach to this feature was to start small and extend it later, based on actual customer usage and feedback. The current version of this feature is limited to the core functionality most users have asked for. Continue reading →

Export your data

Today we launched a new feature that will allow users to export all their data. This is good if you want to move to another project management system or if you want to have a local copy for your records.


account-settings Continue reading →

Run Blimp on your server


Announcing Private Cloud, a new version of Blimp designed for companies with strict security and regulatory requirements.

Today we are excited to announce Private Cloud, a new solution designed for larger organizations. Private Cloud runs on your own servers, behind your firewall and without limitations.

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