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Blimp Pricing Changes

Last Friday we emailed our users to tell them about an upcoming pricing change in our service. The change will be effective on August 31, 2015. On this post I explain why we had to change the price of the service and what users need to do next.

Our team has been operating Blimp for more than 4 years now. During that time we’ve grown our offering quite a lot with minimal changes to the price of the product. We want to be able to keep working hard on the product and provide even more functionality in the near future.

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FilePreviews pricing update

A few weeks ago we announced an updated API for FilePreviews. With that update we also launched a brand new pricing scheme. Since the launched we’ve been talking to many users about the changes. After some thought we decided to make a few tweaks to the pricing, specifically the Professional plan.

  • Professional Plan — $49 / month
  • 1000 files
  • $0.01 per additional file
  • Unlimited file size*

In summary we are removing the file size hard limit. From now on all apps in the professional plan can upload files of any size. *If you expect your application to upload many files larger than 500MB you should contact us so we can “whitelist” your application. If you successfully process more than 1000 files in a given month we will charge $0.01 per additional successful file.

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FilePreviews v2 is here!

FilePreviews v2

We are really happy to announce the launch of version 2 of our service. This update comes with a simpler API, speed and stability improvements in all aspects of the service. During the past few months we’ve been talking to a lot of you and incorporated the feedback on this update.

A word on backwards compatibility
Backwards compatibility is very important for us so before we begin telling you all about the new stuff we want to assure you that all apps made using v1 are going to keep working without modifications. So if you have an old app we encourage you to update to v2 but you don’t have to it right away. Also we don’t foresee dropping support for v1 apps in the near future but have in mind that new features will be added just to v2.

API Changes
All v2 client libraries will only include two methods: generate and retrieve. The generate method will no longer default to polling our servers for a result. Instead it will return immediately with an id for that particular job. Once the processing of the preview is completed the service will do an HTTP POST to your server via the optional webhook setup on your application.

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