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Run Blimp on your server


Announcing Private Cloud, a new version of Blimp designed for companies with strict security and regulatory requirements.

Today we are excited to announce Private Cloud, a new solution designed for larger organizations. Private Cloud runs on your own servers, behind your firewall and without limitations.

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A list of ambitious web applications


On recent projects we’ve been using Ember.js as our JavaScript framework of choice. Even though we still use Backbone.js heavily, we’ve found that for some projects Ember makes a lot of sense and allows us to be more productive.

While we were researching Ember we noticed that it was hard to find what other apps where already using the framework in production. We knew of a few sites but we wanted to see a little bit more. At the moment there was no central location where you could find out about all the cool stuff going on in the Ember community, so we decided to do something about it.

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Say hello to Boards

Blimp Boards screenshot

Today we are happy to announce Boards, a new tool to help you collaborate visually. Boards allows you to create beautiful collections of files or create notes that you then can share with your co-workers, friends or the whole internet. Boards is great for projects, research or inspiration.

Boards is going to be free for a limited time so you can try it out. In a few weeks we are going to announce paid plans for individuals and organizations.

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