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FilePreviews v2 is here!

FilePreviews v2

We are really happy to announce the launch of version 2 of our service. This update comes with a simpler API, speed and stability improvements in all aspects of the service. During the past few months we’ve been talking to a lot of you and incorporated the feedback on this update.

A word on backwards compatibility
Backwards compatibility is very important for us so before we begin telling you all about the new stuff we want to assure you that all apps made using v1 are going to keep working without modifications. So if you have an old app we encourage you to update to v2 but you don’t have to it right away. Also we don’t foresee dropping support for v1 apps in the near future but have in mind that new features will be added just to v2.

API Changes
All v2 client libraries will only include two methods: generate and retrieve. The generate method will no longer default to polling our servers for a result. Instead it will return immediately with an id for that particular job. Once the processing of the preview is completed the service will do an HTTP POST to your server via the optional webhook setup on your application.

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“New Tasks”

Tasks re-design

It’s been a couple of days since we launched a complete redesign of one of the core elements of our project management tool: “Tasks”.

The new task design will help you manage and process tasks faster, making you and your team more efficient and effective.

So, what changed?
In general, we have tried to make the “syntax” of the new “Task” more clear and logical. The changes to the structure of the “task” now follow a Who / What / When / Status pattern.

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Big changes coming


On Sunday, April 26 at around 8 PM EST we will release an update to Blimp with lots of improvements but before we do that, we wanted to let you know a little more about what to expect.

This update includes a major redesign of our tasks feature based on the feedback of our users.

Old task design

New task design

The first thing you will notice is that the “Done” checkbox is missing. We replaced it with a new state picker at the right of the task. This feature will allow you to clearly express the current state of each task by choosing from one of the options. You will be able to choose from “Not started”, “In progress”, “On hold” or “Completed”. When you choose “Completed” you will hear a very nice “beep” as a reward for your hard work.

New task states

The next important change is that we decided to move the assigned user to the left of the task. That way it will be clear and more obvious which tasks have a user assigned to it and which don’t. We believe that if a task has no owner it will never get done and this is our way to nudge you in the direction of assigning someone to each task.

Next is due dates, we created a grey column to include due dates for individual tasks and lists. Now every task has a place for a date right on the list. To change the date just click and pick from the calendar.

Bulk edits
Since we where making lots of changes we decided to go ahead and implement one of the most requested features: bulk edits. This feature will allow you to change the assigned user, due date and state of a group of tasks with just a few clicks. Before this you had to go to each task, make an edit then save.

New bulk edit mode

What’s next
Going forward we expect to launch small features and updates with more frequency. After trying for some time we decided to approach building Blimp 2 with a more iterative process instead of a single huge update.

All current customers of Blimp will be migrated to the updated version without having to do anything. We don’t expect any downtime during the update on Sunday. Let us know if you have any questions.

As always we want to know what you think