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New Sandbox for Developers Sandbox

During the past couple of months we’ve been making improvements to the backend, client libraries, documentation and website.

Today we are very happy to announce the new Sandbox, one of the many improvements that shipped a few days ago.

The new Sandbox will allow users to try the API on a wide range of scenarios without having to write a single line of code.

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Project’s Page Layouts

Last week we introduced an update to the project’s page that made finding projects easier with the use of sorting and ordering. Today we released another update to enhance the project’s page.


Projects can now be displayed in a list, which offers a more compact view of your projects without loosing any functionality offered by the grid view. As with sorting and ordering preferences, when you change the layout of your projects your layout preference is saved. So when you visit your project’s page again, everything is where you left it.



This simple feature along with sorting and ordering of projects brings us one step closer to making the perfect project’s for hard-working teams around the world.

Try it out and let us know what you think

Projects Sorting

Today we are introducing project sorting, a feature that will make the process of finding specific projects easier.

How it works

When you go to your project’s page you will see the sorting and ordering controls above your projects. Clicking on the “Sort by” or “Order by” options will trigger a popup with sorting and ordering options for your projects.


You can sort your projects by date created, date updated, due date, name and progress and arrange them in descending and ascending order. Your sorting and ordering preferences will be saved, so the next time you go to your projects page you will see everything as you left it.

Give it a try and let us know what you think